Sunday, February 1, 2009

32: Movie-- If You're Hungry, Try a Piece of Your Friend

Earlier this week, after a long day of naps, homework and cooking, I retired to my room with a movie in tow- Neil Marshall's 'Doomsday'. Well. I'm not going to lie to you- it wasn't good, in the conventional terms. It looked like someone or some people's spent a whole lot of money on something that flashes a lot, but doesn't actually have a plot. Which is untrue, as the movie did have a plot.

Just not a good one.

Granted, I walked in hoping for zombies. A bubonic plague look-a-like called the Reaper Virus sufficed.

And there are worse movies out there, with less of a plot and more established actors (Jumper, looking at you) than Miss Rhona Mitra (previously seen in......Skinwalkers or The Number 23, take your pic)and Liam Neeson-Crispin Glover cross David O'Hara (previously seen in 'Braveheart' and 'the Departed' (side note, seriously dude? how did you end up in this?)) and.... Malcolm McDowell (I've just stopped questioning his motives. You should too). The film didn't try to take itself too seriously, which is welcome to a movie that uses the lead's electronic eye as a critical plot device (score for shooting small children so early in the movie!). The music was... interesting. I've never imagined playing the can can while watching someone burned alive, then sliced into delicious pieces for the hordes to feast upon. But then again, I don't understand the English love of blood sausage.

Is it a worthy successor to Mad Max? No. But then what is? I score it above Waterworld, that's for sure.

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