Saturday, January 31, 2009

31: Mornings After

Things to know about me, if you and I go out:

1. The more I drink, the more I drop things. Do not trust what is normally fine motor control.
a. Large glass of saucy Brit guy's beer, two hours into the Hungarian feast/champagne buffet
b. last night, ALLLLL the things i dropped all over other people's shoes

2. I have an overwhelming tendency to take guy's stuff. Not necessarily people I like, just random shit.
a. Jake's (very large) Southie hat
b. Bob's scarf

3. I drunk text. And drunk call.
a. see Rachel
b. see anyone

4. I lose things.
a. so many earrings. so many!

5. I'd like to think I get fairly generous.

6. I also assume whatever male I'm with will pay for the drinks I keep ordering.

7. I depend a lot on my charm to get what I want
a. New Year's--> friend of Shane's
b. last night, completely blowing off the bouncer at Paul's by telling him 'I'm not going to show you my ID, but I'm 21. Do you want to know my birthday?' and then I *think* I just walked right in

8. I usually remain fairly wise-acrey. I guess the years of Bugs Bunny and Looney Toons means I'll never be able to turn it off. Ever.

9. (Amended) I love a drunken debate. The less I know on the subject, the better.
a. riling someone on the Patriots last night? I don't even know the QB's NAME!
b. Six Nations. Ireland v. Wales
Hangover Cures:

1. Lush related
Mask of Magnaminty, Too Drunk to Fuck Emotibomb, anything citrusy

2. Non-Lush related
(in no particular order) Modest Mouse, orange juice, coffee, water, Patrick Watson, lots of showers, toast, eggs, flinging myself upon someone to regale them stories of my night and have them pat my head, naps, a comfy pair of jeans (better than sweatpants)

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