Thursday, March 26, 2009

39: Autostop

I hitch-hiked to class today because the bus never came. All things considered, it went well- there happened to be another W/M student heading in the same direction who gave me a ride. I can't decide if this is a sign I should start hitching around the country

Friday, March 20, 2009

38: Mono

This mono has been interesting, to say the least. Today, I ate three full meals, which is notable since until yesterday I couldn't eat solid foods for the most part, or more than one meal a day. I guess I should have guessed then that there was something quite wrong, when I woke up on Monday and had a bowl of sherbet at 9 in the morning in a desperate plea to numb my throat. You see, initially this mono was diagnosed as strep and I was handed some Tylenol and some throat numbing nastiness and told it would be better soon. When two days later I was still vomiting and couldn't sleep from the pain of accidentally swallowing my own saliva, I went to a new doctor who quickly deduced I had mono. Say what you will about Student Health Services- they know their diseases that run rampant on college campuses.

The minute the doctor said it, I felt stupid for not coming to the same conclusion. I had three days of naps and being winded walking small distances, wasn't hungry, and just generally over it. I'm starting to come out of it now- I can stay awake for more than four hours even if I do feel completely drained in the process. My tonsils no longer feel like they're resting on my tongue. I don't taste the pus in the back of my throat (sexy. so very sexy). And I've cut down on the Vicotin I was prescribed for pain/sleeping.

And I've been eating. Real meals, with solid foods. Soup and sherbet are still a dominant force of my diet but look at my dinner! Pasta was vodka sauce, onions sauteed with sweet paprika, chickpeas, peas and corn, and sauteed apples and honey. A real meal. I'm impressed. I don't think I'll take food for granted for quite some time.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

37: Back in Boston

Back in Boston, for spring break, which is rapidly approaching over. It's snowed, it's rained, and been beautiful. I feel as if I'm doing Williamsburg a disservice. It's a good place, especially for 2 years. The academics are fab and I've met some awesome people. The job- pain of the ass sometimes, but good. It's hard to compare to Boston though. I think part of that is though that I'm here on break, and a lot of the people I've wanted to see (a lot, but of course not all) are people I've met in Ireland.

Sure, Boston has more restaurants, places to shop, movies to see and things to do. But the options I'm getting because of my association with William and Mary are balls-ass better than whatever was available at BU. Granted, upon knowing that I was leaving BU, I did a lot to try and make sure the next two years would be awesome (internship at the Peace Corps? Yes! That I turned down to go to Williamsburg? Well... yes also); there's a chance I wouldn't have prompted myself so much if I stayed in Boston, although knowing me and my tendency to um..... go crazy, that's unlikely.

So, end result?

Is it awesome being back in Boston?
Was it worth leaving?
Would I consider moving back to Boston after graduation?
Well, yes. Yes I would.