Wednesday, March 11, 2009

37: Back in Boston

Back in Boston, for spring break, which is rapidly approaching over. It's snowed, it's rained, and been beautiful. I feel as if I'm doing Williamsburg a disservice. It's a good place, especially for 2 years. The academics are fab and I've met some awesome people. The job- pain of the ass sometimes, but good. It's hard to compare to Boston though. I think part of that is though that I'm here on break, and a lot of the people I've wanted to see (a lot, but of course not all) are people I've met in Ireland.

Sure, Boston has more restaurants, places to shop, movies to see and things to do. But the options I'm getting because of my association with William and Mary are balls-ass better than whatever was available at BU. Granted, upon knowing that I was leaving BU, I did a lot to try and make sure the next two years would be awesome (internship at the Peace Corps? Yes! That I turned down to go to Williamsburg? Well... yes also); there's a chance I wouldn't have prompted myself so much if I stayed in Boston, although knowing me and my tendency to um..... go crazy, that's unlikely.

So, end result?

Is it awesome being back in Boston?
Was it worth leaving?
Would I consider moving back to Boston after graduation?
Well, yes. Yes I would.

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