Friday, August 7, 2009

50: A Weekend without the Basics

I'm sitting in the bamboo garden at the Pittsburgh Public Library, and the mere fact they have a bamboo garden is the number one reason they're the best library I've ever been to, even beating (gasp!) the NY Public Library, and the Boston Public Library. There are plenty of comfy chairs, nooks and crannies, and brightly painted walls. There are areas for teens and children that look (appropriately) like they've been designed with real teens and children in mind, not just the kind that can sit quietly and read Newbury winning books.

Plus, it doesn't feel as sacred as the NYPL, and it allows you to consume food and beverages (within reason), unlike the BPL.

Safe to say, I will be spending long portions of my weekend here, as the research study I was supposed to take part in was at capacity, so instead of spending the weekend by earning $250, and having various cremes applied to my arms, I will be instead searching out places to supplement my apartment's lack of electricity, furniture, cable, and food.

Not to mention, this whole cutting drastically down on my medication so that I have enough to get through the summer is taking its toll. I'm starting to remember what it was like before I went on medication, and I'm not enjoying it. At all.

Monday, August 3, 2009

49: End of Panera Position

I gave my two weeks notice a few days ago at Panera. It was surprisingly less painful that I thought it would be- I walked in, asked to speak to the GM, and informed him I was giving my two weeks. And that was it.

I was more than ready to list the reasons why- not the least of which is the lack of hours I’ve been given, and of course, that I’m moving back to VA. But even if those issues weren’t there, I don’t think I’d be sticking around. The people I work with are nice enough, but here, more than any other place, have I just been continually faced with downright nasty customers, and I can only imagine it getting worse when the students come back in full force.

I don’t know if this is indicative of Panera in general, or merely this shop, but I can’t stand watching the number of people who come in, take samples and leave, or fill their water bottles and McDonalds’ cups with coffee or soda and just peace. The breaking point has been this week, where I have not only been called dumb, but had someone curse at me.

I’ve been consoling myself with yogic breathing, or attempts to be zen, or reminding myself that some people weren’t raised right.

I’m starting to think that maybe it’s not other people who were raised differently, but that I was.

And that worries me.

That leads me to believe this wave of self-entitlement isn’t some bad cold that’ll fade with age and exposure to common courtesy but instead a change in acceptable behavior, one in which people no longer are only entitled to breathe but to also have what they want fall into their laps.

It worries me because there’s only so much of people I can take, and more and more life is about working with people.