Friday, March 20, 2009

38: Mono

This mono has been interesting, to say the least. Today, I ate three full meals, which is notable since until yesterday I couldn't eat solid foods for the most part, or more than one meal a day. I guess I should have guessed then that there was something quite wrong, when I woke up on Monday and had a bowl of sherbet at 9 in the morning in a desperate plea to numb my throat. You see, initially this mono was diagnosed as strep and I was handed some Tylenol and some throat numbing nastiness and told it would be better soon. When two days later I was still vomiting and couldn't sleep from the pain of accidentally swallowing my own saliva, I went to a new doctor who quickly deduced I had mono. Say what you will about Student Health Services- they know their diseases that run rampant on college campuses.

The minute the doctor said it, I felt stupid for not coming to the same conclusion. I had three days of naps and being winded walking small distances, wasn't hungry, and just generally over it. I'm starting to come out of it now- I can stay awake for more than four hours even if I do feel completely drained in the process. My tonsils no longer feel like they're resting on my tongue. I don't taste the pus in the back of my throat (sexy. so very sexy). And I've cut down on the Vicotin I was prescribed for pain/sleeping.

And I've been eating. Real meals, with solid foods. Soup and sherbet are still a dominant force of my diet but look at my dinner! Pasta was vodka sauce, onions sauteed with sweet paprika, chickpeas, peas and corn, and sauteed apples and honey. A real meal. I'm impressed. I don't think I'll take food for granted for quite some time.

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