Wednesday, February 4, 2009

33: Wop A Din Din

Feeling exhausted lately, which shouldn't be surprising. I suppose it's the flu scare on campus, combined with that every present threat of mono that circles through the realms of the young quick to swat cup and kiss. Probably nothing, just a whole lot of candle burning.

Music helps. Music always helps.

Fuck It, We're Through
Old Crow Medicine Show- Wagon Wheel*
Whiskeytown- Excuse Me While I Break My Own Heart
Wussy- Airborne
Rilo Kiley- A Better Song/Better Daughter
Camera Obscura- Lloyd, I'm Ready to be Heartbroken
Johnny Cash- Jackson **
Wilco- I Am Trying to Break Your Heart
The Mountain Goats- Standard Bitter Love Song #4
Joshua Radin- Sundrenched World
Sea Wolf- I Made a Resolution
Belle and Sebastian- Fuck This Shit
Elliott Smith- Clementine
Fields- If You Fail, We All Fail

(all I need now is to get my hands on some Red House Painters to complete it)

*fun fact- this is the closing song at the bar
**fun fact- when searching for Johnny Cash at WCWM, check both under the Js and the Cs. He's filed under both. Bob Dylan on the other hand, is only under D

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