Saturday, November 8, 2008

9: Some Racing, Some Hiding

It's odd that most of my friends down here in Virginia are the science sort. Most in Boston are the film/liberal arts type, and I mostly hung out with artsy kids in high school, when I hung out. It's odd because a science track gives a much more definite plan of what one must do to be successful. Me, I just want to stand in front of tanks and tell Communists to tear down walls. I want to travel, and write, and build houses. Yet there's the push for grad school, for meaningful internships instead of spending a summer cueing music for a radio show, summers spent working minimum wage may be necessary but stack up in the collegiate sense. I hate the feeling that I have to pad my resume.

When I think about post-graduation, I see mostly paths and nothing definite- WWOOFing, Peace Corps, Grad School, Travel, Internship, Working. I feel guilty, like I'm just another twenty something who'll move back in with their parents while they figure out their life, like I'm going through this existential crisis that's so in vogue.

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