Sunday, November 9, 2008

10: Jens Lekman

Saw Jens Lekman in concert last night- it was good. Mostly him and a guitar, with a CD player to help out with some of the backing instrumentation. It wasn't great- I liken it to seeing Jose Gonzalez, where it mostly sounds like you expect everything to sound. With Gonzalez though, there was a different, more reverent crowd energy until the last song which became this massive sing-a-long (currently searching for the song). There was swaying.

There was also a massive amount of hipster fashion. We're talking feetie leggings, headbands, semi-wedding dresses, sweaters without pants- and when the announcement came that Girl Talk will be playing in February, I could see the wheels begin to churn in so many heads, planning the outfit. I suppose my bitterness is unfounded, mostly because it's not bitterness. I understand that people do look at me and occasionally think hipster, and I know that the very essence of hipster is to be disparaging while denying your own conformity. I guess what it comes down to money. I shop in thrift stores cause I don't have tons of money. I listen to a lot of indie rock, but I also love Van Morrison and Jackson Browne.

Oh well.

I went to a party after the show with some people from work, and got to watch other people dance from the comfort of a couch, which is less antisocial than it sounds. If Ireland has taught me anything, it's that you have much more fun being ridiculous on the dance floor than rehearsing your moves in a mirror.
Jens Lekman showed up to the pary, which created an odd mood. Suddnely everyone in the back headed inside, and the whispers started. 'Have you seen him?!' 'Jens is here!' 'Oh god, I hope I get to talk to him!' I went in for the bathroom, and saw him talking to a few people, with a cluster a few feet away, looking for all intensive purposes like they were waiting in line. He came outside, so did everyone else. I ended up splitting. It reminded me too much of that scene in Almost Famous.

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