Sunday, November 2, 2008

4: Of Your Mouths, Of Your Mouths, Of Our Mouth

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I don't want
this to descend into a pity party. The better writings keep their confessions, but maintain a degree of civility. I am no Anne Frank.

So I'll make lists. Lists are easy to deal with; they appeal to every part of me that loves being ordered and stacked.

Scenario: You're being sent to a deserted island. Oh no! But don't worry, it's just for a year. It's only some sort of experiment for which you will be handsomely compensated. Plus, shelter is provided (tree fort!) and there's a supply of canned food, and books on what you can kill/gather. Those nice experiment creators have even taken it upon themselves to outfit you with a few luxuries. A solar powered stereo they say? Some quality reading?

So quick! Name the five artists who musical collections are essential for a year of solitude, five literar-ists necessary for your mental stimulation, oh and whatever you would stuff in your pockets to keep you occupied before you're sent away.

the Clash-- in case I need to gather the wildabeasts to me in order to start a revolution
Broken Social Scene-- dance party in the tree fort, all invited.
Van Morrison-- nothing else reminds me more of home
Radiohead-- what better way to procrastinate from my berry picking than to ponder 'Kid A'?
Elliott Smith-- islands get lonely. Mr. Smith knows his lonely.

Kenneth Patchen, Collected Poems
J.D Salinger, Nine Stories/Franny and Zooey
F. Scott Fitzgerald- everything
Etgar Keret- everything
something by Steven Heller, so I can decorate my tree fort

Cheese. Some chocolate. Pictures of people/places. A pair of gloves. A scarf. Pen and paper. Oh so many pens. My pants will have pens sewn into the hems. I hope there are bottles on that island for my letter deliveirng convenience.

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