Sunday, November 16, 2008

17: What I Do When Sick

  • Clean (the kitchen, vaccuum the downstairs, laundry; I'm fighting the fruit flies, but they seem to be winning. Funny how we never had this problem in Ireland though our common areas much more resembled a squat then here. Must have been all the alcohol, killing anything and everything but twenty-somethings)
  • Sleep (epic proportions)
  • Eat soup. Eat mac n cheese. Sleep. Repeat
  • Watch the Daily Show and badmovieswithAshleySimpsonthatoneexpectswillturntomusicals, and listen as my laughter turns to hacking. Priceless, really. How am I still single when I am just short of spitting soup through my nose?
  • Think about doing homework, but instead just go to sleep because damn it, I'm sick.

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